Groninger Folkgroep Törf - Discografie

In 1978 en 1980, Torf produced two cd’s, Kovvie kloar? and ’t Wordt aans with Universe productions. From 1993 Torf produced their own cd’s:

1993 – “'t Braide woater
1996 – “Dr is n laand
1998 – “Törf speelt Beukema
2001 – “Op Roemte
2009 – “Schoon van de wind
2015 – “Dichten

From 1980 Torf has contributed to several compilation albums and the individual band members have participated in making cd’s with other musicians.

In 1998 Torf published a handwritten manuscript with their cd “Torf speelt Beukema” The manuscript was put in writing around 1850 by J.P Beukema in Leens (north Groningen) and it contains dance melodies that were quite common around that time.