Groninger Folkgroep Törf - Dr is n Laand
Dr is n Laand
Image created by: Geert Schreuder

“Dr is n Laand”is recorded and mixed in the summer of 1996 at the "Thein-Studios" in Bremen, Germany.

This cd is an ode to eternal nature in the poetry of Hans Elema. Besides this poet other poetry from Reinder Hiemstra, Jelte Dijkstra, Eddy de Jonge, Jan Legger and Henk Scholte is also used.

The vocals on this CD are alternated with instrumental pieces from Bert Ridderbos, Flip Rodenburg and Geert Ridderbos. On this CD one can also find a dance melody from a manuscript put in writing around 1850 by J.P Beukema in Leens (north Groningen). Some parts of this CD are used for a German television documentary “Der Butt und das Meer”.

The CD is sold out.