Groninger Folkgroep Törf - Eddy
Translated by Linda de Roo.

Eddy started playing with torf in 1975. He plays the bas and guitar and is also responsible for an important part of the music of Torf. His theoretical knowledge is limited though, this to the regret of the other band members.

His movableness on the stage causes a lot of photographs to be out of focus. It is also advisable to stay clear of him on the stage as he swings his bas quite a bit. Marius has proposed to built a cage for him on the stage to protect the other group members. Eddy, like Bert accompanies singer Linde Nijland. Eddy has studied Sociology at the University of Groningen. To earn money, he is the manager of the Groninger Archieven. Eddy lives in a very respectable neighbourhood at the edge of Groningen. He hates modern classical music.