Groninger Folkgroep Törf - Henk
Translated by Linda de Roo.

Henk Scholte, also know as Henk Torf, is singer and entertainer of the band and on top of that the most important contact person. “Henkie” is well known and very popular locally. He is known as storyteller and has toured in this capacity with another storyteller: Willem de Ridder. He has also been successful as a poet, his volume of verse “Vervromd” proved to be very popular.

Henk presents a popular music programme on a local radio station, a programme in which one merely hears songs in diminutive languages. Henk is an expert on folk and world music and he owns a large collection of 78-revolution records, vinyl’s, cd’s and books. Henk has a very diverse interest - and involvement in all types of music i.e. he doesn’t dislike any music. Henk is also musically active with Törf member Bert Ridderbos, together they form an acoustic duo called Duo BH. After secondary school, Henk hasn’t completed any university education. Henk has lived in the city centre of Groningen for years.