Groninger Folkgroep Törf - Jos
Translated by Linda de Roo.
Foto van Jos

Jos Kwakman is since 2002, after a long mysterious period, back with the group. Jos had been a member of Törf before, about 10 years ago, but had left the group because he was busy with his work, other music styles and computers. He has studied classical guitar at the conservatorium in Groningen and was a guitar teacher. He later abandoned this to become a computer expert.

Jos plays the guitar, the bagpipes and the darbucca (trulish drum). He, occasionally, tries to shake a rhythmical egg but is stopped quickly by (some) group members. Jos is very calm while playing his music but a maniac when it comes to driving. No one else has ever driven from his home in Hoogezand to Leek in 20 minutes. Jos hates inefficient time management. He plays not only with Torf but also with “Tarducci” and “the Star of the North Ceili Band”.